Waking up early and going to the kitchen has always been a bad dream for me. Every morning I want something quick, easy yet fulling so that I can pass my day at work easily. I have shared 3 of my easiest and quickest recipes that anyone having busy sunrise can make like a child’s play.

Instant Pigs in Blankets

This is the most easiest and kids loved recipe for the breakfast. The method and the things you are going to need are written below. This recipe will make 4 rolls.


Puff pastry 1 pack

Hotdogs 4

Cheese slices 4


Cut puff pastry into squares equal to the length of your hotdogs. Lay the pastry on a flat surface and place the cheese slice on it. Put the hotdog on top and roll. Bake for 15 minutes at 175°f or according to the temperature of you oven. Cheesy pigs in blankets are ready to enjoy.

Nutella stuffed French toast sandwich

This recipe is for those who have a sweet tooth like me. It is easy, simple yet mouth watering. Let make it for tomorrow’s breakfast with these simple ingredients. You can make 3 stuffed French toast sandwiches with the following recipe.


Bread slices 6

Eggs 2

Nutella as required

Cinnamon powder 1 tbsp.

Caster sugar 3 tbsp.

Butter 3 tbsp.


Crack eggs in a bowl and whisk them well. Take a slice of bread spread desired quantity of Nutella on it and sandwich it with another slice. Heat butter in a pan. Dip the sandwich in egg. Coat evenly on both sides and fry in butter on medium heat until golden brown. Coat the sandwich in cinnamon sugar mixture. Eat up and adore.

Baked Granola bars

This recipe is healthiest of all above and still delicious. These bars can be made for whole week and can be enjoyed every morning with a cup of coffee or milk. I give this to my school going kids. This keeps them energetic for the day. Things you will need are as under.


Oats 1 cup

Banana 1

Honey ¼ cup

Almonds 2 tbsp.

Cinnamon ¼ tsp.


Mash banana in a bowl and add you honey and cinnamon. Mix well and add the remaining ingredients. Form the mixture into to small bars. Bake on 145°f for 10 to 15 minutes. Serve every morning with fresh fruits, Greek yogurt or whipped cream and say ‘BON APPETITE’.

These were some of my favorite on go easy breakfast recipes that my family loves me to make. You can give them and a try and make them a part of your everyday cooking book.